About Regina Namusoke

mainRegina Namusoke was born on November 13th, 1936 in Uganda. Her parents were the late Enerico (Henry) Mukasa Nnyanjateyewalwa and the late Nansubuga Elizabeth. She was one of seven children (4 sisters and 2 brothers). She was a mother to 13 children (9 girls and 4 boys) three of them have so far died of AIDS.

Regina Namusoke lived her final year in the village of Lyamutundwe where she lost her battle with cancer in 1998. In fact, by the time they realized that it was cancer; it was too late to do anything.

She was known for her kind heart and love for children. In addition to raising her 13 children, she took good care and raised several grandchildren as a single mother. She did without shoes at times, so her children and grandchildren had means to go to school. Her house was open to everyone in the village and always fed whoever was in need.