Founder – Henry Mpagi

HMpagiMy name is Henry Mpagi. I was born and raised in Uganda. My mother was the late Regina Namusoke. She had 13 children of which I am the 9th born. I came to the USA on a soccer scholarship, very good example of a less fortunate individual as a child getting a break. While I was attending college my mother passed away and I was unable to attend her funeral because I simply could not afford the cost of a plane ticket to fly back to Uganda. I graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in Management Information Systems. My mother would be very proud of that since at the time, I was the second member of our family to earn a college/university degree. Today, with my small share of support, my younger sister was able to earn a degree also.

I started the Regina Namusoke Foundation after I went to visit my sick father and brother in Uganda. My dad is Mentally Ill (MI) and brother has Down Syndrome. I found them living in pure filth. They looked like the whole world had turned on them. They never knew any better due to their mental states. It was tough to see people that I love living like this and almost with everyone around just taking advantage of them or also have way too much on their hands to help.

Uganda being a developing country has its short comings when it comes to having access to programs in place that takes care of the abused, less fortunate children, elderly, and mentally ill/challenged. It was rough to see the condition my own brother was in; with all his teeth rotten, feet infested with jiggers, and sleeping in real filth just as my dad. There is no doubt that both my brother and father had lost hope.

In Uganda these stories are all over the place including the same village where my brother and dad live. Less fortunate children, the elderly, and the mentally Ill/challenged go without medical care, clothes, food, school fees, proper bathroom/toilet facilities, and clean water.

It is a huge undertaking for any one single individual to try to restore hope and to bring a little meaning back to the less fortunate children, the elderly, and the mentally Ill/challenged lives but with your never ending help and support, I see a real possibility to be able to give that one soul a new life experience.

I have no doubt that we can all share in helping the less fortunate children, the elderly, and the mentally Ill/challenged realize that being on this world is not a punishment but part of God’s ways of showing us his love and a chance to experience his creation.

I want you all to join me please in throwing in another hand among many that are already out there to help bring a smile and hope to the many that see their lives today motionless. I need your help please!!