What We Do


Classroom Furniture6Among other things, TRNF will help address some simple but very important areas that impact most children. We are taking on the task of repairing or installing new chalkboards in classroom in the Lyamutundwe and surrounding areas through the classroom improvement fund.

We are taking on the task of improving playground as needed through the playground improvement fund. At TRNF, we strongly believe that sports offers us that needed free time to get our minds away from the everyday struggles. Most playgrounds in Lyamutundwe and Uganda are in dare need of the basic equipment like, goal posts, safe playing grounds, bathroom facilities, balls, etc… Our interest will start with improving soccer/football fields and helping young ladies continue to pick interest in the games of soccer/football.

Also, most children in Lyamutundwe or Uganda could you use some mentorship to help them see the world and possibilities from a different view point. TRNF, would help with the task of mentoring the youth and young adult through mentorship through sports program by offering free soccer clinics in the village of Lyamutundwe and surrounding areas. TRNF will also work very hard in helping sponsor some basic coaching soccer clinics in an effort to educate and get as many local capable individuals in the field of coaching as possible. Sports teaches us all sorts of real life lessons, therefore this will be very important in helping guide the youth for the future.


DSCN9471Healthcare is a huge undertaking and one that is very complex. Through the medicine fund, TRNF will help provide some assistance to medicine costs especially for the mentally ill/challenged, less fortunate children, and elderly. These three groups need a chance to be treated in order to live a somewhat normal life. This is a very important area for TRNF. Normal people/families in Lyamutundwe or Uganda struggle to make ends meet every single day. Imagine what happens to the mentally ill/challenged, less fortunate children, and elderly?

A sanitary environment goes a long way in helping lessen the amount of time people stay sick. Clean or sanitary, and safe bathroom/toilets at public places, or homes. Can help improve the standard of living for a community like Lyamutundwe village and surrounding areas. Through the Toilet/Latrine Fund, our goal at TRNF is to build at least 3 sturdy bathrooms a year in areas accessed by the public or in some homes that are without.


Market Serving LyamutundweToday, there are a lot of families that go without food or only have access to one meal a day. This is very common for mentally ill/challenged, less fortunate children, and elderly. Through the food and water fund, TRNF will help meet some of the food costs for the mentally ill/challenged, less fortunate children, and elderly in the Lyamutundwe village and surrounding areas and to help install tap water sources in central location to help with the cost/access to water.