Playground Improvement Fund

Sports and exercise play a huge role in a child’s or any adult’s life. Playing sports gives us a chance to stay fit and to live longer. In developing nations, sports provide that special window in a day where kids and adults get lost in it and forget about the everyday struggles. Also sports offer the kids a chance to dream even bigger. The founder of TRNF was able to get a chance at an education through secondary school in Uganda and University/College degree in the USA due to sports.

The TRNF would like to take on the task of improving play grounds in the Lyamutundwe village and surrounding areas starting with the Nkumba play ground or soccer (football) facility, by purchasing new and safe goal posts and nets, renovating/installing a toilet/bathroom facility, and starting the campaign to grow grass back on the field.

If you would like to donate to the Playground Improvement Fund or simply make a donation, please click the Donate button or download and mail the Donation Form to:
The Regina Namusoke Foundation
303 Williams Avenue, Suite 711
Huntsville, Alabama 35801