Food and Water Fund

Market Serving LyamutundweToday and the times we live in, no one single individual should go without food or access to water. When it comes to the less fortunate children, the elderly, and the mentally Ill/challenged, it becomes a real possibility. Some families in Lyamutundwe and surrounding area survive by skipping some meals due to the food cost and the fact that families have less land to grow their own food on these days. Also natural water sources are becoming less which leads to more financial troubles to already struggling families.

Market Serving LyamutundweToday, in Lyamutundwe and surrounding areas, the real possibility of tap water has arrived.

As part of a sanitary program TRNF would like to be able to sponsor the installation of water taps at central locations easily accessed by less fortunate children, the elderly, and the mentally Ill/challenged and at public places like play grounds. Also, TRNF would like to be able to grow a fund that can help feed/provide food every 3-6 months to them. The market is where meat is sold and kept in Uganda. Now imagine flies from the latrine and dust all over that meat!

If you would like to donate to the Food and Water Fund, or simply make a donation, please click the Donate button or download and mail the Donation Form to:
The Regina Namusoke Foundation
303 Williams Avenue, Suite 711
Huntsville, Alabama 35801