Latrine2-7-22-2013Toilet/Latrine Fund – {READ MORE}
Bathroom/toilet facilities in both public and homes are a challenge in some parts of Uganda and of course Lyamutundwe. When people need to go, there is not so much that can be done. Having sanitary/clean and safe bathroom/toilet facilities in public places, like markets, play grounds, and also in homes would save lives.

Some homes in Lyamutundwe have toilets that are full or on the brink of collapsing in. When toilets/latrines are full, families that can afford to, just dig for another place to get a new one setup. This happens over and over again. Those that can’t afford to, resort to other creative means that can be left to our imaginations.

Medicine Fund – {READ MORE}
Mental health is a big issue even in the developed countries. And without being treated, it can lead to all sorts of issues. Uganda and especially Lyamutundwe, is not exempt in this. Time comes when the medicine runs out and sometime families or the individuals with the mental health issues have to fend for themselves or just go without.